Lake George…Sad Face

The time has come and gone to secure being Camp Hosts again for the most spectacular place ever:  Lake George in Mammoth Lakes California. We will not be Hosting this year but our dear friend Mona WILL be! Lake George is NOT the same as other campsites in Mammoth. I wanted to give you aContinue reading “Lake George…Sad Face”

June Lake Brewing

We are hurrying to experience the different parts of June Lake…mostly based off of recommendations by people we meet or those we trust that have been here before. On that note…we HAD to go to June Lake Brewing Company so what’s-his-name could get a beer. I’m not really into beer but I am into havingContinue reading “June Lake Brewing”

Deer, Ducks, Deer, Door Knobs and More Deer

Tonight is “date night”. We are at The Tiger Bar smack dab in the middle of June Lake’s little town…to watch the USC game. I have my back to the TVs and hubbub and Randy is engrossed in the game. I also have my headphones in but I can hear Eye Of The Tiger andContinue reading “Deer, Ducks, Deer, Door Knobs and More Deer”

The Longest Day So Far

Today was the LONGEST work day I’ve had in YEARS. Physical labor. Not much sitting down at all. Moving moving moving. My feet are tired, my little corn on my left toe is screaming (ok, whining) and I’m just POOPED but I loved pretty much every minute. We got up at 6:30am to get aContinue reading “The Longest Day So Far”

North By Northwest Vs K2

Guess who picked which movie? Have you seen both? In my opinion, NBNW was hands down so much better than K2 plus watching it while eating pizza and drinking a glass of wine didn’t hurt. I expected Randy to be asleep within the first 30 minutes as well. This movie has suspense, action, romance… andContinue reading “North By Northwest Vs K2”

Crash At Mammoth Rock Trail

I bounced off of those rocks then onto my back in the middle of the trail (I was wearing a back pack filled with two jackets, two baseball hats, a bike repair kit, two moleskine note pads, a pen, my reading glasses and the house keys).

Everything stopped as quickly as it had started.

Then I felt the pain.