North By Northwest Vs K2

Guess who picked which movie? Have you seen both? In my opinion, NBNW was hands down so much better than K2 plus watching it while eating pizza and drinking a glass of wine didn’t hurt. I expected Randy to be asleep within the first 30 minutes as well. This movie has suspense, action, romance… andContinue reading “North By Northwest Vs K2”

Wasting No Time: Got My First Memorable Insult

Too bad there are people wandering this earth that feel they are above other people for whatever reason. They’re wealthier They’re more educated They’ve traveled more They’re on vacation and you are working Who they know What type of car they are driving How old they are What type of handbag they carry Where theyContinue reading “Wasting No Time: Got My First Memorable Insult”

The Blaire Witch Project Workout

Somehow I agreed to get up at 5:45am on Sunday to do a new workout Randy has been stewing over for about a week. I admit I don’t actually absorb everything he tells me and when he is excited the sentences seem to break and a new thought begins right I almost actually begin listeningContinue reading “The Blaire Witch Project Workout”

Shitter’s Broken

Living at Stayton Acres has been a dream for us. Not only have I learned how to wash a horse, we have had a slow and much needed education in RV life and how things can go wrong. After a very rocky start to our “RV Career” we grew to expect that we would beContinue reading “Shitter’s Broken”