Lake George…Sad Face

The time has come and gone to secure being Camp Hosts again for the most spectacular place ever:  Lake George in Mammoth Lakes California. We will not be Hosting this year but our dear friend Mona WILL be! Lake George is NOT the same as other campsites in Mammoth. I wanted to give you aContinue reading “Lake George…Sad Face”

Crash At Mammoth Rock Trail

I bounced off of those rocks then onto my back in the middle of the trail (I was wearing a back pack filled with two jackets, two baseball hats, a bike repair kit, two moleskine note pads, a pen, my reading glasses and the house keys).

Everything stopped as quickly as it had started.

Then I felt the pain.

Crappy Hike At Mammoth Lakes

Have you ever been faced with a choice that was difficult and complicated no matter WHICH way you proceeded? Right now I am standing at a mental crossroads! No one has the right answer for me and no one can solve my problems as it is.  I have to do it myself. This “problem” willContinue reading “Crappy Hike At Mammoth Lakes”

Wasting No Time: Got My First Memorable Insult

Too bad there are people wandering this earth that feel they are above other people for whatever reason. They’re wealthier They’re more educated They’ve traveled more They’re on vacation and you are working Who they know What type of car they are driving How old they are What type of handbag they carry Where theyContinue reading “Wasting No Time: Got My First Memorable Insult”

The Blaire Witch Project Workout

Somehow I agreed to get up at 5:45am on Sunday to do a new workout Randy has been stewing over for about a week. I admit I don’t actually absorb everything he tells me and when he is excited the sentences seem to break and a new thought begins right I almost actually begin listeningContinue reading “The Blaire Witch Project Workout”

Avoid Disappointment And Future Regret

Hiking with my husband unit has resulted in finding new places THAT ROCK! We have yet to find a well marked trail and we’re gonna keep trying!