June Lake Brewing

We are hurrying to experience the different parts of June Lake…mostly based off of recommendations by people we meet or those we trust that have been here before. On that note…we HAD to go to June Lake Brewing Company so what’s-his-name could get a beer. I’m not really into beer but I am into havingContinue reading “June Lake Brewing”

Bouncing Off The Treadmill

Yesterday I was a little scatter-brained when we went to the gym. It was another 8 hour work day and most of it spent in the kiosk helping people check in and answering questions over and over and over and over. I’m not complaining, I’m reporting. Right after lunch there was a line of automobiles,Continue reading “Bouncing Off The Treadmill”

The Longest Day So Far

Today was the LONGEST work day I’ve had in YEARS. Physical labor. Not much sitting down at all. Moving moving moving. My feet are tired, my little corn on my left toe is screaming (ok, whining) and I’m just POOPED but I loved pretty much every minute. We got up at 6:30am to get aContinue reading “The Longest Day So Far”

Lake George: The Fun Continues

Question: If a bear shits in the woods at 9,000 feet elevation on a side of a mountain, how long does it take for a 11 year old loving chocolate lab to find it and begin snarffing it down (at least 4 bites make it) before his owner catches up to him? Answer: about 3Continue reading “Lake George: The Fun Continues”