Bouncing Off The Treadmill

Yesterday I was a little scatter-brained when we went to the gym. It was another 8 hour work day and most of it spent in the kiosk helping people check in and answering questions over and over and over and over. I’m not complaining, I’m reporting. Right after lunch there was a line of automobiles,Continue reading “Bouncing Off The Treadmill”

163 Lbs of WOMAN!

Ahhh…I had to join a GYM. What a hypocrite. I should NEVER have said I would “NEVER join a gym.” I did it and today was Day 1 and I LOVED it. I’m on a 30-Day Challenge with a good friend who doesn’t belong to a fitness group (and doesn’t want to). She used toContinue reading “163 Lbs of WOMAN!”