163 Lbs of WOMAN!

Ahhh…I had to join a GYM.

What a hypocrite. I should NEVER have said I would “NEVER join a gym.”

I did it and today was Day 1 and I LOVED it.

I’m on a 30-Day Challenge with a good friend who doesn’t belong to a fitness group (and doesn’t want to). She used to be one of our clients when we opened 805 Boot Camp and revealed to me how little she has worked out since we closed our doors.

We built our business over the years and here is one person I’d call a dear friend for the rest of my life, practically a sister. When she couldn’t come to camp, we hiked and talked for hours about what was happening in our lives. I guess this is what you could call a bitch-session. We gave each other ideas, comfort and understanding.

Right now we need each other to get through this challenge.


I thought I was alone being lazy about working out. I would jump on social media and see all of my past customers and my friends working out every day. Having a structured plan or program is worth GOLD. Filling it with people you love to see everyday is worth even more (what’s better than gold?).

We’ve had friends visiting every single weekend filling us in on how things are going.

There are random texts, emails and letters packed with all of the exercising everyone I know is doing!

So, I figured I was alone on the Island Of Lazy.

Everyday I justified how much work we were physically doing as a “workout”. Sure, we are going for 6 hours every day minimum doing yard work or cleaning bathrooms and buildings.

Recently, when it was 18 degrees out, I had to put layers of underwear on just to stay warm while working outside. As I sucked in my stomach to fasten my belt I realized I must have gained a lot of weight and I got pissed. At myself.

There are also eating habits I should admit aren’t helping on top of my age (I’ll be 50 in a few weeks!).

The bottom line is that I am NOT running, hiking, biking and/or working out on a regular basis and when I do I feel SO GOOD!


So, at the risk of being judged, I sent a text to my friend with my fingers crossed that she would join me in this 30-Day Workout Challenge.

She said, “YES!”

That little text reply kept me on that awful treadmill for the 30 minutes I’d said I would run, albeit SLOWLY, for.

It kept me trying harder to get through the plank rows despite my left wrist nagging me.

I am excited to have a workout partner – even though she is so far far away – to commiserate with and encourage each other when things are tough – and we know they will get tough.


I last ran on a treadmill over 12 years ago. My how technology has changed…and my vision too.

The photo above is basically how things looked while I ran. I did not have music. I did not play the TV. I just watched the blurred numbers and squinted to see what I was doing. My goal was 30 minutes walk/running. I also haven’t RUN any sort of distance in a month when we ran at Lake George to Horseshoe Lake at 9,000 elevation (totally different experience than 7,500′).

After my bike crash I was pretty limited. Boo-hoo (excuses Randy couldn’t argue with!)

My mind began to wander and I realized that’s exactly how people face-plant on these machines. Gotta keep my mind and focus on the machine and my feet. I finished my 30 minutes without falling off.


My membership here rocks.

They have EVERYTHING you might need to workout and it is very good condition. The place is spotless clean and the BONUS is I have a steam room to relax in after then hot showers and a Powder Room too. I feel like I visited a Burke Williams Mountain Retreat!

The weather and work schedule is forcing us to come up with a solution and I’m super happy that this place has a monthly membership option. From now on I will be looking for Spa/Resorts along our route and hope they will be this nice.


Right now my goal is just to show up and work hard EVERY day of my membership NO EXCUSES. I’m tinkering with making nutritional changes (as I sip my glass of wine!!) but I’m not there yet.

I’m 163 lbs of jiggly, wiggly and cottage cheesy woman gasping for air after ¾ of a mile RUN at 11-Minute pace. Let’s see where this goes.

Join me!!!

Cheers to all of you men and women that are not part of a group and trying to keep exercise in their lives despite the so many challenges that come up.


30 Minutes

Run/Walk Briskly

10 Minute Circuit

Plank Row with 8lb weights 5x

Flutter Kicks 5x

Squat/Press Up with 8lb weights 5x

(Repeat until 10 minutes is up)

10 Minute Yoga stretching

5 Minute Deep Breathing

I think I started off on a low enough gradient so I won’t give up but will feel the work.


This poster was on the wall at the gym I was part of: Total Woman in Glendale California. This is where I met my running coach Gudrun Armanski…who taught me how to NOT HATE running and began personal training life. I studied this poster because I love this sort of stuff to begin with. Look at all of the ideas it gives PLUS the machines or equipment is right here!

Published by Sarita Shoemaker

I love my kids, husband, pets, the Earth and family. My Top 5 feelings: gratitude, honor, honesty, respect, encouragement. Pretty certain this is how most of us would answer the prompt "About Me". Enough about me...how About You?

8 thoughts on “163 Lbs of WOMAN!

  1. I’m living on that island…😒
    (& have lots of company too).

    Currently looking for a place that won’t rip my knee or wrists to shreds. Sounds like an excuse but it’s really not. Having achy arthritis is NOT fun!!!

    Stay tuned..& hopefully I can join you all when the boat departs from this island. For now, it’s just repeats of a few “near rescues”, kinda like Gilligan’s Island!

    Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale…🎶🏝

    Liked by 1 person

  2. My dear friend! You and Randy were my inspiration to get involved in a group fitness program and your program held me accountable. If it had not been for that I would not have stayed consistent in working out. I think life ebs and flows, there are times when our commitment is strong and times where our body conserves for other big life events. Moving and creating a whole new life although wonderful is also exhausting and energy draining. Regardless of the fact that this is where you want to be there is still the loss of the old life and the old routines. You are at a place now where you are ready to incorporate exercise again and now you will be committed. You are one of the strongest most dedicated people I know. Great job committing to something you have to do in your own. I’m as always in awe of you. Love you my friend!!


    1. Thanks Maggie! I agree completely with you about the loss of the old life and old routines. It is seriously a “thing”! Ha ha!

      I just need to get moving again and get the endorphins pumping. Today I am happy to report my work from yesterday is apparent.

      I think I’ll be doing some Dee-Dees in today’s plan. Being our off-duty day makes this easy. The challenge will really be apparent when I’ve got to work all day THEN go to the gym.

      The simple things of life CAN get complicated. I am looking at it as a blessing somehow (haven’t figured that out quite yet).


  3. I loved this Sarita! Im on that island as well. You and Randy have always been so inspirational. It’s in your blood ..it’s in your souls ❤️ Love and miss you guys! Xo


  4. Wow did I need to read this! I must confess I have not been able to get my butt in gear to continue all the amazing knowledge and support I had when I was in 805 Bootcamp. Since I’ve moved away from all of my friends and bootcamp family I have gained back all the weight I had lost (and then some!) and I am no longer tone and in my size 6 to 8 jeans. I kept squeezing myself into them anyway refusing to buy a bigger size until my husband forced me to go get some pants I would be comfortable in. I am so ashamed of myself.

    Part of me still believes this is just temporary. I am living in someone else’s house and am forced to conform to their schedule and for the most part, their way of eating. Only because I am crazy busy between my full time job (which I am not happy at but should be temporary as well) where I sit all day long in front of a computer and tryng to help my husband with the house that is now completely on his shoulders (and injured hips for that matter) thanks to a crook of a contractor who made multiple horrible, big mistakes and took most of our money. With all of this and keeping Kaden active so he has somewhat of a normal childhood I simply have no time to cook and we end up eating what my mother in law makes (lots of cheese and carbs) or eating out. Neither is good!

    I do have a spot picked out just for working out in my new basement, though when I will be able to use it is totally up in the air right now. I weighed myself over the weekend and I am not at 163.8. Yikes! The last time I weighed that I was pregnant.

    Thank you so much for sharing this struggle Sarita. I know I need to pull my big girl panties up and just do it and stop with all the excuses. It will be very difficult with the way things are going right now but not impossible AND I KNOW THIS IS TEMPORARY!! I simply need to make it more of a priority! I really miss you guys but I just love following your experiences. I really hope you guys make it up here some day. It is a very beautiful place and I would love to see you! Of course, we need to take a few breaks away from this craziness as well so maybe we will just come see you sometime. 🙂


    1. Teresa!
      I get it and I’m still working on changing habits to squeeze in working out every day. For me it takes 21 consecutive days (about) to really have a new habit stick without so much EFFORT.

      Join me and my friend!


  5. Sarita, I did a screen shot of your post on the FB CA RV Campers page so I could go back and read your blog. Looks like your island is pretty full but I plan on squeezing in.

    My husband accuses me of being addicted to running. I corrected him by saying “I’m not addicted to running. I am addicted to the women I run with. Every time we go out we cure cancer, solve the Middle East conflict, provide marriage counseling, and help each other raise perfect teens. All this in 3 miles. Every time it is the same.” The men in the group tell us that we could run faster if we didn’t talk so much. Well then what would be the purpose if running? You are spot on about having a “challenge buddy”. We keep each other coning back for more.

    You are almost at the end of your 30 day challenge. How did it go?

    BTW I refuse to do burpees. This girl doesn’t jump. Ever.


    1. Hi Purple! (Love that name). The challenge sort of went off the rails when we had to leave Lake George. So we continued it as best we could inserting hikes where and when there wasn’t a gym available. The result was I’m down to 158 in weight (and my waist area fits way better in my pants!). I’ve been working on heavier weights too.

      Burpees! Ya, they aren’t the greatest BUT the front of your body will get stronger. I felt it in my hip area mostly.

      Did you start any challenges?

      I’ve got to find a new one.


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