SHOES – Road and Trail Shoes


The main difference you will see visually are the variety of coordinated color options…JUST KIDDING.

When we have a brand new camper head out to a professional shoe store for a pair of shoes (Foot Pursuit, Road Runner or Future Track) we prepare the owners of those stores to PLEASE fit our clients properly.  We actually visit an make eye contact because it’s THAT important!

We also know that sometimes you just won’t listen to us (or them) when it comes to clashing with your cute outfits!

For the love of Pete: get the right shoe figured out FIRST then PICK ONE of the color options that exist on planet earth right that second. 

The number one reason for ignoring this sage advice: “they didn’t have the colors I wanted.”

New Shoes Aasics Koyanos PinkI get it though. 

Who wants to look like a closet that has been through a tornado of color?

There are a few very important parts to a safe, injury-free (or reduced) and productive camp that have to do with apparel.

#1 – The correct shoe for your body
#2 – A SPORTS BRA for the gals, no matter what size, HIGH IMPACT READY
#3 – COMPRESSION SHORTS for the fellas

Looking OBNOXIOUS could actually save your life. 

We WANT people to see you on the road!  Wearing bright and obnoxious colors to camp is a way to BE NOTICED ON THE ROAD.  

Steer clear of colors that blend into the environment whenever possible.

Look at the bottom of your shoes. 
The tread is the biggest difference in a road or trail shoe.
Nisa's BRAND NEW beautiful running shoes!
On a trail the surface is never certain. 
You want a sole that will give you stability and grip. 
The road shoes should be sturdy, not flexible.
We wince when we see the sales person at a bargain place convincing a buyer of the quality of the shoe by bending it at the arch “see how flexible this is!?”.
In our 10+ years of experience, you need a STURDY SHOE that supports your foot strike.
Going to a professional running store and having someone with MILES AND MILES of experience running is what you need!
Once you find the right shoe you will LOVE ruNEW SHOES always a good thingnning a lot more.  You won’t feel aches and pains in your shins, ankles, calves or hips!
Good question and one of the top at camp.
– If you are an aggressive camper you will begin to wear out the toe box of your shoe quickly. 
– If you are suddenly experiencing a pain “you never had before” anywhere in your foot, your ankle, shin or knees.  Personally when I get a pain from my pinky toe across the top of my foot into my ankle then up my shin it’s time to replace!

-300-500 miles (a full time camper will run about 3 miles average a day on our program) so a brand new pair of shoes can last 2 to 3 camps.

Still Life - shoes all lined up  (7)

Don’t wear your camp shoes for bopping around in unless you have multiple pairs.

The compression portion of the shoe needs to refill with air and when you leave them alone it gives that a chance to replenish and cushion up!

Hose it – no washing machines.  If you can stand it, take a hose to your shoes and lightly scrub brush them. 
If they stink, submerge them in a 5 gallon bucket with soap and dunk/rinse a lot.  Use a detergent booster to help get the smell out and let them dry toe down or heel down in the sunshine (a natural disinfectant).
Use a washing machine on a delicate gyration setting with beach towels (they absorb a lot of water and today’s washers are so sensitive they do not put enough rinse water in – my opinion.)

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