Starbucks…I’m OUT.

Sarita at Chumash AidTechnically Starbucks doesn’t directly support the fight against GMO Labels.  They are part of a group that does though: The Grocery Manufacturers Associationthe GMA.

The GMA says GMOs are safe and they’ve got big regulatory organizations supporting this:  US FDA, WHO, Health Canada, The US Dept of Agriculture and National Academy of Sciences“they are safe and no negative health effects associated with their use.”

Now, I don’t know about you, but SOMETHING is wrong when I personally have 6 people I know  battling cancer, 3 people dealing with Diabetes 1, 10 people fighting Auto-Immune disorders…IN THE LAST 5 YEARS.

So, believe what you want.  But seriously look around.

If these big regulatory organizations were helping us, don’t you think there would be LESS BAD HEALTH than IMPROVED HEALTH?

Sorry, “living longer” doesn’t mean a BETTER LIFE and HEALTHIER LIFE. I hear horror stories of people taking handfuls of pills to handle ailments, side-effects of those initial pills, can’t sleep pills, can’t stay awake pills, pain pills…oh my GOD I feel so sad to think that might be my future.

No, I’m no scientist and I’m just me. I am sort of a vegan.  Can’t say 100%.  I don’t like to even tell people I’m vegan because most everyone I know thinks it’s bullshit.

This week I have sincerely decided I do not want to eat foods made with GMOs.

I want to be able to choose!  How am I supposed to know what is considered “traditional” and “organic” if the people the produce these food products don’t let me know?

It’s sad to think we are all being forced to accept these “facts”.

I go to sleep at night worrying about those people I listed above.  I hope they are getting better.  I wonder what the source of their illness is and if nutritionally better (packed with nutrients) foods would help.

Supporting Starbucks (for me) may as well be supporting the GMA.  And the GMA doesn’t give a flying F___ about me, my health or quality of life.   Do they care about yours?  You be the judge.

I for sure know that all of those “regulatory organizations” do not care if I’m doing OK.

They all care about #1.  Themselves and their investors.  WHICH IS FINE, I DON’T CARE – but how about doing it without taking the skin off of my back.


I feel better at least trying to make a little difference in the right direction.

I write this blog post today to MAYBE rally the few people I know that also feel strongly about this topic.

Now I’m investigating a coffee to replace the Starbucks Guatemala Blen I’ve enjoyed for the past few years.  I tried 86’ing coffee altogether because, yes I know, coffee isn’t good for me.

I thought about this.  A lot.   My memories of my mother keep this habit stuck for me.  I would rather have those few moments every day thinking about my mom and our coffee love.  Before she passed away OF BREAST CANCER AND THE COMPLICATIONS she gave up coffee.  I wonder if the coffee was part of the downward spiral of her health.

Either way, I want to enjoy a cup of coffee every day – that is GMO free, Organic, hopefully local and Fair Trade.

Wish me luck.  I’ll take any and all suggestions.


UPDATE: I found a coffee, wrote to the company and got a reply within hours.  Coexist. I’ve ordered The Diplomat Roast.    UPDATE JAN 2016 IT WASN’T VERY GOOD

I FOUND IT!  The best coffee!  Five Sisters.  See my REVIEW HERE.



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