Cleaning Your Instant Pot

My mother was a complete nag on a few topics (of which I am eternally grateful).
Clean your body every day, brush your teeth and floss, make your bed, change your sheets once a week, brush your hair, wear clean clothes and when I graduated to having my very own kitchen: keep your kitchen and its contents sparkling and in good condition at all time.
That’s why I am proud to say I have kept a Black and Decker Toaster for way beyond its lifetime expectancy. My pots and pans are in great condition and if my mom hadn’t mistakenly given all of her pots and pans to her employee, I’d have inherited the set she purchased in Germany before I was born (dang it…get yourself a Living Trust people).
I have discovered my Instant Pot has one bothersome flaw: the ring inside the lid absorbs the flavors of the dishes I’m making. That then transfers to my next meal.  
I called IP Tech
Support (yes, a live person answered and he was mighty nice) and he warned me not to take the ring out often. I’d been removing it, scrubbing it and letting it sit in soapy dishwater. That will erode the perfect seal.

  • Wash with a soft and dish soap bubbly sopping wet rag.
  • Clean lid with the rag and pick out any food particles with a soft toothbrush.
  • Dry the lid upside down OUTSIDE IN THE SUNSHINE.
  • Order a second ring or even third. Switch out the ring with the food – sweet and salty – you cook.
  • Tilt the IP on its side next to the sink and clean out the mote between the outside and inside.
  • Pull out the water catch and rinse it then let it fully dry before putting it back.
  • Store the pot with the lid upside down (so air can get to all parts).
  • Clean your pot (and the rack) after every use sooner to the completion of your dish than later.
  • Dry the removable pot and rack (do not let them drip dry) immediately.
  • Wipe down the inside heating unit carefully with the above wet rag (squeeze it out before).


  • Use anything but dish soap and warm water.
  • Submerge the lid!
  • Remove the inner ring often.  

None of the DON’TS are disasterous.
The point is to keep your unit in good working condition (did you fill in your Warranty Card?) to last for generations if possible.
Happy Cooking and Happy Cleaning!
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