Rice, Quinoa and Veggies

This recipe is DELICIOUS. Not only can you have a healthy meal, the lemon juice can be added to the lime juice (ooops I accidentally juiced my limes) and orange juice…of course you need to add a shot of birthday tequila (thanks Shonna) and Cointreau…on ice (no salt). Diane’s Puckery Margarita with fresh EVERYTHING… RandyContinue reading “Rice, Quinoa and Veggies”

Southwest Red Potato Quinoa Stew

Southwest Red Potato Quinoa Stew PRINT PDF Southwest Red Potato Quinoa Stew.pages Servings: 8 This stew is hearty and flavorful.  I love to make HOT (spicy) foods for Randy and this one got two thumbs up from him in the flavor department. We at it with corn chips but you could have corn bread withContinue reading “Southwest Red Potato Quinoa Stew”