Kale Garbanzo Bean Soup

Hearty, filling and packed with nutrients. Vegan and Vegetarian Protein PACKED Nutrient DENSE 185 Calories per serving This recipe makes 12  Two-Cup Servings Get the Recipe in PDF form click: kale-garbanzo-bean-soup-pages 1T EVOO 8 garlic bulbs chopped 1 large yellow onion chopped 6 cups Lacinato Kale chopped 2 cups garbanzo beans (cooked, drained) – sideContinue reading “Kale Garbanzo Bean Soup”

Bread Pudding in 15 Minutes

For PDF of Bread Pudding Recipe – Click Here: bread-pudding-pages Whoa.  Whoa, whoa, whoa.  I never really ever liked bread pudding and now I LOVE it!  Today I was a busy bee in the kitchen. Bread pudding with fresh cranberries.  JUST FEED ME! Ingredients A bowl that can be put into the pressure cooker (sizeContinue reading “Bread Pudding in 15 Minutes”

Releasing Pressure Safely From Instant Pot

I’m taking this opportunity to practice my Adobe Premier CC skills (learned using YouTube for the record). Since I began sharing my recipes and spreading the LOVE about my Instant Pot I’ve seen concerns about the pressure release. Back in the 70’s cooking in a pressure cooker was not always safe. Pots could and wouldContinue reading “Releasing Pressure Safely From Instant Pot”

Hearty Italian Vegetable Stew

InstantPot Pressure Cooker Vegan, Vegetarian, Low Fat, Protein Packed Hearty and delicious.  Pair with a warm cornbread or salty tortilla chips! Ingredients Stage 1 1T water 6 garlic bulbs chopped 1 onion peeled and chopped 5 celery stalks chopped (tops included) Stage 2 64oz of vegetable broth 1T parsley 1t thyme 1t oregano 1t sweetContinue reading “Hearty Italian Vegetable Stew”

Cleaning Your Instant Pot

My mother was a complete nag on a few topics (of which I am eternally grateful). Clean your body every day, brush your teeth and floss, make your bed, change your sheets once a week, brush your hair, wear clean clothes and when I graduated to having my very own kitchen: keep your kitchen andContinue reading “Cleaning Your Instant Pot”