UFO Sighting on Valentine’s Day

Why and HOW did I miss taking a photo!?

Plenty of people did though.  At 6:22am on Tuesday February 14th a sudden light appeared in the northwest sky.  It was a sphere of light, very bright that had an explicit cone of light below it.  There was no trail behind it at all.  It was hovering.

Randy kept watching it – never looking away once.  I tried to get campers up to come and view it.  There was no sound accompanying the light.  

One camper thought it was a helicopter for sure.  In the 12 years I’ve been out on the planet at dawn and dusk, I have never ever seen something like this.

According to Randy the light disappeared shooting westward instantly.   It COULD be the 104 satellites that India launched, it COULD be a missile or it could be STILL unidentified.  OR it could be L. Ron Hubbard sending a signal from Target 2 (which is where David Miscaviage told me he would be “researching” until further notice.)  

Did you see it?  What do you think?

This photo was taken in #Montrose by an Instagram user.




Are Perfumes Killing Us?

I am a freak about perfume for a few reasons.
#1 The chemicals in them are unregulated and harmful to our health.  

It is a personal choice whether to wear perfumes but, like smoking, “second-hand perfume smell”  hurts others.  Ever get into a small space with someone (or more than one person) wearing perfume or cologne?  It’s difficult to breathe which is your own body trying to tell you something.

fda-building-jpgThe FDA cannot boss the perfumers around  (despite the fact that our largest organ is our epidermis…and perfume absorbs through it).  The FDA is supposed to protect  the citizens of the United States of America by the way. 

“the National Academy of Sciences confirmed a federal interagency group’s conclusion that styrene, a chemical building block used to produce a wide variety of everyday products, can cause cancer.”  reference link

Know anyone with CANCER?  I have a list growing of family and friends battling (or having lost) the cancer fight.  In just the last 48 hours I had TWO people (women in their 50’s) added.  Pancreatic cancer that moved to the liver with an grapefruit size tumor successfully removed and pancreatic cancer that invaded the lungs and is at Stage 4 now. Nope, not smokers and not big drinkers.  
Try finding the INGREDIENTS of your perfume.  You can’t do it – because it is PROPRIETARY and they do not reveal those secrets.  

I did a little research online just curious about how many perfumes there are.  I discovered an incomplete list, dating back to 1709 with 464 names of perfumes created.  201 of them were in the last 16 years. 

What if you found out that your PERFUME was triggering cancer!?

#2 “No Regulations” has now lapped over into the world of animals.  


I wish perfume wearers would stop and think about that before they purchase.  If you have to wear perfume, why not support Cruelty Free?

If you wouldn’t do the testing yourself, I suggest you stop supporting it immediately. 


The thought of this makes me FURIOUS (to begin with).

The folks making the money should test on THEMSELVES.  Just like the Scientist B.T. Collins that wanted to prove malathion was safe to spray all over Los Angeles.  Who knows if he actually did drink it?  Sadly he died at the age of 52 of a Heart Attack.


Read ingredients and labels.

Do things to keep from stinking:  shower every day, brush your teeth, wear clean clothing.

If you workout and sweat?  PLEASE don’t cover it up with perfumes or colognes.  That’s like lighting a candle in the crapper – you get the essence of vanilla poop. 

If you must wear perfume, cologne or use perfumed products please consider dialing it down at least (meaning just ONE small dab on one spot only).

I urge you to stop altogether.  Perfumes are EXPENSIVE and you could take that money and donate it to a cause that you believe in.  
This website is my go-to for checking whether products are cruelty-free:

Cruelty Free Kitty

AND be sure to look for the LEAPING BUNNY PROGRAM!

Why Are People Marching Today?

Screen shot of my Google Search “women’s march today”
I’m really confused on these Women’s Marches Planned all over the USA. 

Where is it organized out of, what is it for exactly, who created it?  
I feel dumb asking but I really don’t know.
I’m wary of joining any groups that claim (what sounds like) a good purpose only to discover that was all a lie and agenda for something else I don’t believe in and I’m now fighting against.
I’ve heard they were Anti-Trump and/or Pro-Women’s Rights. I’ve seen my democratic and republican friends rallying. Men and women.  
Who is the enemy the march is supposed to be directed at? 
What change is the march going for accomplishing?
What is the united message? Are there specific details within the message that are clearly stated?

I feel like I’m supposed to choose something but the details are unclear and the pressure is on because I have two X’s. 

Just being alive is getting to be more stressful than ever.

More results of my search below. Try you own!  

We all know my browser is influenced by my searching AND what paid advertisers have purchased, right?  

I’m curious about what everyone else sees first.

My 2-Cents

American flag.
American flag. Photo by me, Sarita Shoemaker.

Randy and I turned off our cable TV in March last year. To save money but also to stop having a fire hose of hate pumping into our faces whenever we turned on a normal channel.

Since then I mostly get my political “observations” from Facebook. I RARELY take the time to “get informed” by any friend’s political posts. Ignorance is bliss, sort of.

My daughter regularly fills me in on how awful our system is, especially for her generation. I don’t debate with her about it (because it is better to just love your kids and let them be who they are, and responsible for their choices.)

When I did a survey last year of my Facebook friends it was 50/50 divided blue and red. That was interesting to me.

I was purple.

I kept (that I can remember) my mouth shut on my personal opinions for the most part and decided to not partake in the banter or debates.

On a few occasions I’d have a reply fully written to an extreme caustic post…writing out what I REALLY wanted to say very carefully. 90% of my “friends” are my “customers” and I have to think about making a living, right?

Most times I just never hit POST because, in my mind, my throw up back onto the original throw up wouldn’t solve anything and definitely didn’t make me feel better.

My sister and I with mom on the east coast. Photo by my dad Victor Alvarez.
My sister and I with mom on the east coast. Photo by my dad Victor Alvarez.

Plus, I sincerely believe my mom is out there watching me and my behavior and she was a super kind person that people said “has the patience of Job.” (I don’t know much about this Job, but he has got to have big-time patience for what my mom tolerated).

Today is a big day for all of us. Yesterday was the start of 4 years with a new Boss.

In my tiny little time on earth I’ve been able to have some of the most awful and fantastic bosses you would ever imagine.

I’ve had Leadership you would drive the entire place into the ground.

I’ve experienced Leaders that knew their days were numbered and they spent those last days getting people fired (or trying to) to either save themselves or have revenge.

They had dumb ideas, they were bossy and pushy, they thought they knew it all.

Anyone ever fought nepotism?

How about the boss that tried to sniff into your personal life and make you donate to a cult?

There were a few disturbingly disgusting. One of them would come to my desk and lean over my food breathing on it with their smokey-spit ask me “you gonna eat that!?” pointing to something I’d pushed to the side of my plate. Nauseating!

One of my FAVORITE Leaders. I was the GM for Panda Software in the USA. This is Mikel Urizarbarrena, part owner along with two other leaders I admired: Jose Maria and Mar.
One of my FAVORITE Leaders. I was the GM for Panda Software in the USA. This is Mikel Urizarbarrena, part owner along with two other leaders I admired: Jose Maria and Mar.

BUT I’ve also had dynamic bosses that empowered me to have initiative, be myself and take pride for good things and responsibility for bad things in my sections, departments, divisions and countries.

You really don’t know what kind of boss someone is until they are actually doing their boss job.

Holding other jobs before is a nice gauge. Seriously though, have you ever had a person move up the corporate ladder and begin making changes you LOVE or HATE? In disbelief I’d be thinking, “where did THAT behavior come from!?” GOOD and BAD (for the record).

I can remember each of them pretty clearly. They all made me the “employee” I am today.

My feeling now that we have had 8 years of Obama and are embarking on at least 4 years of Trump is the same as having a new boss.

You hope you won’t hate coming to work every day.

You hope they succeed if they are a good boss.

You hope you survive if they are a bad boss.

I don’t think anyone can really say WHAT is going to happen over the next 4 years. We can predict and guess but that’s just wasting precious time.

Did anyone know what President Obama would do? Change? Improve? Destroy? I don’t think so.

An idea to save your sanity a smidge:

1) Cancel your TV feeds. I firmly believe it’s all just BS.

2) Recognize the good things in your life (things you can see and touch and control) and focus on making them better.

3) Live healthier with exercise 6 of 7 days. Be sure to include GOING OUTSIDE.

4) Make progress on your “Dream” or “Bucket List” items. A little every day or week.

5) I have no idea how to tell you to read things that are factual. I don’t believe ANYTHING anymore (and I used to). Maybe I was way more gullible or influenced by the scientology cult. Just beware and possibly open to seeing other points of view if you don’t already do.

6) Don’t take it personal if someone throws up on you. Just hold their hair if they need you to. Being nicer is sometimes gross and you gag, but I firmly believe it is better than being an asshole. If anything, for the stress of it all!

These are my opinions.

If you have your own, cool.   I still love you no matter what they are.

Review: Five Sisters Coffee


For the last 12 years I have been completely SPOILED by my husband beyond what any wife deserves.  “It’s the little things.” really rings true.  My husband wakes me up for work AT 4:11AM by setting a hot cup of coffee on my nightstand.  I know.  You just judged me as a spoiled brat didn’t you!?  Hold that thought: we give things like this to each other.  I iron his 45 cotton hankies into small squares.  Plus, we just love making each other happy. 

The morning sipping time will often include a review of the coffee. 

We buy bulk from Costco, get used to order Peets, we bought direct from Starbucks and we’ve been given gifts. Most every single try has had a burnt taste which we both don’t enjoy.


Finally, after trying coffee blends, I have discovered the perfect coffee for my tastes.


five-sisters-blend-coffeeMedium roast, no bitter aftertaste, smooth flavor.

I add 1 tablespoon of coconut coffee creamer (#1 choice Trader Joe’s Coconut Creamer or So Delicious Coconut Milk Creamer) to my 8 ounce cup.

This coffee is smooth enough to not NEED any creamer!

ALSO as a bonus:


They work with a Cooperative (Co-Op) to ensure the farmers actually GET PAID.

You can buy direct from the Cooperative. See that here.


Check in your local health food store, ask for it or check online. 

I know I saw it at Farm Fresh To You’s website.  You can Google Search for it too.

Happy sipping!


How to TAKE OUT a Small Business

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 5.13.19 PMHow to TAKE OUT a Small Business

I dreamed about this all night…had to write it down.  I’ve got so many friends that are also Small Business Owners.  I think that the New Year has inspired conversation about struggles and how we will survive this year.

Our plan is to kick butt with our boot camp and races.  We’ll see how that goes.

Follow these 10 Steps (repeated often) and you’ll soon see a small business close down

  1. Negotiate. They probably put their pricing together with a dart board and chances are they are desperate to have you there so make sure you try every way shape and form to not pay what their published price list is.  Nit pick every detail.
  2. Criticize.  Don’t just do it online…make sure you talk to all of the paying customers wandering around the shop.  Do it loud enough to have bargaining material later. Listen close for potential fodder to “bring up” to the owner.
  3. Friend their customers on social media.  Your life is so fun and you get along so well at the shop.  It makes sense that it would and could continue outside too.  Make lots of friends and try to get those you think are close to the owners so you can begin to socialize outside the shop with them.
  4. Rumors.  Spread them.  Get a few details about their personal lives and then find some like-minded people that would enjoy hearing the rumor.  Maybe take it to a party or two.  Be sure you generalize the details so you aren’t caught.
  5. Exterminate.  Find a better deal?  Make sure you spread the word to everyone.  Those friends you made, be sure you let them know too. 
  6. Be a downer.  Dena Downer or Donny Downer draw the time and attention.  Spreading your negativity really helps push people away (to the places you mention in #5).  
  7. Tantalize.  The business owners won’t know you are spreading rumors and taking their customers away – they see you and your dynamic personality and believe they NEED you to be at their business.  They do!  You are, after all, the cat’s pajamas to all of your friends.  You have clout and can sway the vote.  Make sure you return to the business off and on just to catch up on what’s going on (so you can start at the top).
  8. Coupons.  Cut them out and keep them forever.  Use them in #1 above.  Take competitor coupons to the small business and try to force them to price match.
    Never write a glowing review that gives anyone the idea you are a dedicate customer.  You will be their customer as long as they do what you say.  After all, the customer is always right!
  9. Favors.  Ask for them here and there.  Give a little extra effort about 25% of the time so your request for favors is merited.Small Businesses make up 54% of all businesses in America!  28 million strong today and they provide 55% o all jobs since 1970.  Reference SBA’s website.

Small Businesses are defined as having 500 employees or less.

Think about how and where you spend your money.

It is a MIRACLE small businesses are lasting as long as they have.  According to Chron (aka The Houston Chronicle)  Only 1/3 make it past 10 years.  The income for sole proprietorships has been trending downward for 50 years.


Are Your Arms Broken?

Trader Joe arms broken? .jpgCan I cuss?

OK…no one is reading this anyway so I’m cussing in this post.

It pisses me off (Level 10) to see people treat other people like servants.  I CAN’T’ STAND IT.

Yesterday I was grocery shopping at #TraderJoes in #SimiValley and it was rather busy.  A lot of people trying to jam through the check out counters.  The clerks were busting ass too – moving as fast as possible on those tiny little checkout counters they have to work with.

Side note: do not go to Check Out Counter 1.  I think I’ve figured out that is where they put the employee that appears to be working but is just moving around and nothing getting done…maybe they’re under review?  It’s torture to watch other aisles zip their customers through and out the door they go…and Aisle 1 is jammed up like the 405 Freeway.

Back to my observation of blechy humans.

I watched 3 people stand with their arms by their sides while the checker did EVERYTHING (and kept a friendly conversation going as well).

Pull the stuff out of the cart.

Scan it.

Place it on the Playskool size counter.

Handling the payment.

Bagging it without letting things fall off the counter.

Placing it in the cart.

Being friendly the entire time.

Now why?  WHY can’t you pick up a bag and put YOUR groceries in it?


I watched you scratch your elbow.  Once the space was clear you set your hands on the counter. You gazed my way (Yes, I was scowling at you). Fold your arms and watch.  Get in the way of other shoppers trying to leave through the tiny portal of space between the checker counters and the water displays.

Side note: can you guys PLEASE remove the water display so there is actually space to navigate past to the door?  I hate bumping into people (except for those just standing there watching other people work I guess) trying to get out the door.

I was taught to lend a hand.  Pitch In.  Pick Up A Shovel.  I was taught is was NOT OK  to stand there and watch someone work when you very well could help.

Shame on you and your yucky behavior.

Anywho, that’s all I’ve got for today’s blog post.