Wasting No Time: Got My First Memorable Insult

Too bad there are people wandering this earth that feel they are above other people for whatever reason. They’re wealthier They’re more educated They’ve traveled more They’re on vacation and you are working Who they know What type of car they are driving How old they are What type of handbag they carry Where theyContinue reading “Wasting No Time: Got My First Memorable Insult”

10-4 Loud And Clear. 10-10.

I love walkie-talkie stuff.  My sister and I had Chiquita Banana Walkie Talkies and inbetween building forts of our mom’s sheets in the livingroom we would run around the neighborhood testing their range (which was about 10 feet). 1985 was when I was stuffed in a Greyhound bus and taken from the secret Scientology InternationalContinue reading “10-4 Loud And Clear. 10-10.”

50 Ways Happier, Healthier, And More Successful People Live On Their Own Terms

FIRST THINGS FIRST:  Thank you Benjamin P. Hardy for this story.  I’m sharing it with people in my life. The internet is a risky thing to use. You can “prove” anything you want to prove using it, you can diagnose or misdiagnose yourself, you can see beautiful places and awful places…it’s a trap that seemsContinue reading “50 Ways Happier, Healthier, And More Successful People Live On Their Own Terms”

UFO Sighting on Valentine’s Day

Why and HOW did I miss taking a photo!? Plenty of people did though.  At 6:22am on Tuesday February 14th a sudden light appeared in the northwest sky.  It was a sphere of light, very bright that had an explicit cone of light below it.  There was no trail behind it at all.  It wasContinue reading “UFO Sighting on Valentine’s Day”

Are Perfumes Killing Us?

I am a freak about perfume for a few reasons. #1 The chemicals in them are unregulated and harmful to our health.   It is a personal choice whether to wear perfumes but, like smoking, “second-hand perfume smell”  hurts others.  Ever get into a small space with someone (or more than one person) wearing perfumeContinue reading “Are Perfumes Killing Us?”

Why Are People Marching Today?

I’m really confused on these Women’s Marches Planned all over the USA.  Where is it organized out of, what is it for exactly, who created it?   I feel dumb asking but I really don’t know. I’m wary of joining any groups that claim (what sounds like) a good purpose only to discover that wasContinue reading “Why Are People Marching Today?”