Curling Hair Without Any Heat

Erica Espe Gonzales from Renaissance Hair Studios (when they were in Glendale California) taught me my hair color: Brown #5.
She didn’t mention the texture and volume: HAY.

I was bopping along on the internet and I found this “diy” video on how to curl your hair without using any heating instruments: curling iron, hair dryer, hot curlers.

Then I tried it right before bed when my hair was almost dry and it worked!

Hair - Before buff work 2

My hair is fine and I’d say styles about as easy as styling hay would be.  No joke.

It also doesn’t grow very quickly.

Yes it’s time to visit my stylist for a trim and color – appointment set to see Mary (check) after I made this video.






Check out the video of my latest attempt:

You need:

  1. A Buff Headband (or similar thicker headband)
  2. Damp medium to long length hair
  3. Stretch of at least 2 hours (for a stronger longer lasting curl more time!)

What you do:

  1. Brush hair out.
  2. Separate the back of your crown hair pulling from past (or below) the top.  Brush it forward toward one side (make a part on the other side).
  3. Fold up Buff and place it around head like a headband just above your ears.
  4. Begin taking small amounts of your hair and winding it over and through the Buff.
  5. Grab another section and repeat.
  6. You do not keep going with one section. Each time you are grabbing a new section and eventually the front hair will be used swirling all the way to the back.
  7. Tricky section: tough to see the back, try to use your fingers to feel for the opening at the back of the Buff.  With any remaining long hair, just wrap it around the Buff until it is fully wound. Sleeping on it will guarantee SUPER curly hair that will last longer than the quicker method.  I’d use it that way more for adding body to a style.  It’s CURLY!
  8. Also, don’t wind too tight.  You want looser curls?  Then don’t wrap too tightly.  That’s why the larger Buff’s work the best.
  9. Find a good movie, cook, play on the internet, read a book, work…find something to keep busy with while your hair “sets”.
  10. I am getting better at the wrapping
  11. After an hour, touch the hair on the Buff and determine if it is still damp.
  12. When dry just pull lightly on the Buff up and off of your head gently helping any tangled areas.
  13. Brush through with your fingers first.
  14. Be amazed!
  15. Style!

Hair curled FINISH photo


The True Story of Joyce Gianera

How long can Jo Ann and Joyce hold this for hmmmm

I love this woman Joyce.  She made life fun when she was around and at the time I was already having fun…somehow she made it FUNNER (yes, it’s my blog and I can write funner…).

Today a brand new camper was embarking on her 2nd day.  She was BEAMING happy and it reminded me of Joyce so I thought I’d pull out and dust off a journal of her experience where I work.

I’ve seen these types of progressive journals a few times.  We did not know Joyce was KEEPING this journal until she’d graduated and presented it to us.

My additions are in [brackets]

In her own words:

This is a REAL LIFE daily account of camp by Joyce Gianera


Boot Camp notes, realizations and experiences for Graduation:


Showed up to BTO [Basic Training and Orientation] day slightly hung over simply because it was the last chance I knew I had to drink before starting the 6 weeks of pain and suffering.  Don’t we all do that?  “Oh I am going to start my diet next week so I am going to eat everything I love before then.”  The timed mile just about killed me.  When I learned what my true body fat % was everything all of sudden went into slow motion and the instructor sounded like the Peanuts teacher as she was explaining to me what it meant.  I know what obese means but there was no way I was obese?  Was I?

Oh my aching butt and hamstrings.  Sitting on the toilet was an adventure.  It was like the leaning tower of Pisa.  You just hoped you were on target because once you started leaning back the next thing you know you were sitting down.  It sort of made you want to holler “timmmmbeeerrrrrrrr”.

Discovered the hover.  Hover?  That sounds like a magicians trick.  You want me to do what?
Glenn front and center on the HOVER
Learned to pee at least 10 times a day.  All of a sudden your boss thinks you might have a drug problem because you are out from behind your desk on the hour every hour like clock work!  

Corrigan [Corriganville] trail.  Switch backs are supposed to help you deal with the steep incline of a hill.  Heck I was almost on all fours just on the switch backs much less those other steeper inclines.  Made it to the freeway and thought “wow that used to be me driving on the highway at this time.”  Had a very cool sense that I was changing for the better.  My first sense of self satisfaction.

Failure Friday.  OMG.  After everything else the whole week and then go..go..go..situps, push ups,…run, throwdowns, hover, go..go..go..sprint uphill.  Holy cow.  It felt more like failure failure.  Let’s just say physical coordination and balance was out the window later that night.


Running with weights.  Huh?  Do what?  Has anyone run with 5lb weights in their hands before boot camp?  Would you really do it after boot camp?  I found that to be particularly boot campish.  

Learned what a go back was.  Struggled big time up the junkyard trail.  1 mile up.  Made it, beautiful view and Randy says “enjoy your jog down”.  Oh Guess that means I am supposed to jog down.  So start jogging and all of a sudden I realize I can jog without needing an oxygen tank.  I keep going and it’s still no problem.  I start smiling, I actually get happy and make it down the hill in like 7 minutes and there… she… was.  Sarita greets me saying good job.  I’m all proud of myself and feeling good (having a slight “Rocky” moment) and she says “so what do you want to do now?”  Now?  But I just, I mean well I kicked butt?  She starts to imply I should go back up the hill and I immediately blurt out ABS!  I want to do abs.  She says in the dirt?  I said yes! In the dirt.  See watch.  One, two, three…  (anything but that dang hill again)  After 100 crunches of various types she says okay that’s it.  Go back up the trail until you run into somebody.  And she says “this is what we call go backs”  all enthusiastically and happily.   I start back up the hill swearing like a sailor in my head and saying I could care less what you call them, go backs are (#%@!()$^#%!@)*(*.  

Became very familiar with the park.  Enjoyed the park the first time I ran it.  Felt okay the 2nd time.  Dreaded it the third time.  Instead of one lap it was two and after that it was the lunges and squats and double lunges and side kicks and back kicks and front kicks and oh yeah jog back to your mats.  

Learned Dee’Dee’s and Turbos and never thought my arms or my legs would ever recover.

Plyo what?  Plyometrics?  Sounds like an advance math class or perhaps another country’s measuring system not a form of exercise.  I think I shook my stomach loose from all that jumping.

Muscles not completely sore and no more leaning tower of Pisa.  I might be able to do this…


Learned the turkish stand up?  [Turkish Get Up] How in the world did they find that exercise?  At first you think no problem and then you try it.  Keep your arm straight they keep saying.  It has to be one of the most unique exercises I have done.  Very cool and very difficult.

Due to the heat becoming unbearable you oddly discover working out at 5:30a.m. is not as bad as you previously thought.

Lunges are one thing but uphill lunges?  Uphill lunges with pushups?  What?

You find yourself noticing your surroundings more and catch yourself thinking hmmm this would be a cool place for boot camp.  Randy would enjoy doing a boot camp here.  I happened to be standing in the middle of a walnut tree orchard…  What is that?

Was able to run a half mile without stopping.  Very, very stoked about that.  

Suddenly find yourself spontaneously smiling.  Out of nowhere.  It is an odd yet enjoyable experience.  Then the car stereo volume starts to get louder then what you used to listen too.  Then you find yourself actually dancing and singing while you are driving.  You become completely unaware you are doing it until the person driving next to you gives you a weird look.  Hmmmmmm…I think boot camp is getting under my skin….


Was able to improve my two minute sit ups to 41.  I started at 14.  I surprised myself.  I like surprising myself.  It is fun.  I started to think hmmmmm I wonder what else I can do???

Went on a couple of long runs this week at the library.  Was really hoping we wouldn’t run that much since we had Rocky Peak this week.  Yeah right.  But even though I was tired I faired well on the runs.  Again surprising myself.  My body seems to be on a path now and the mental part of working out is finally becoming easier.  All I have to do now is start my body moving forward the rest takes care of itself.
Rocky Peak was not as bad as I thought.  This seems to be a recurring theme.  Whatever seemed difficult the first few weeks of camp no longer is.  I think it is time to adjust my attitude a little and start thinking not only can I do the hikes but that I should start pushing myself to jog a lot more.

Got to Rocky Peak early for the hike on Friday and decided to head out in an attempt to make it to the top.  Oh boy was that a challenge.  I got to the last part which of course was all uphill and thought there is no way I can make it to the top and get back in time to catch up with the group.  But then, I think as soon as I get back the first thing everyone is going to ask is did I make it to the top?  So I decide to just go a little ways and see how I do.  I make it a qtr of the way and stop to suck in air and think there is no way, I have to turn around but then I still had about 10 min to spare so I think well I’ll just go 10 min more and do my best.  I get half way up and stop so my legs could recover and I think there is no way I can make it.  Time is up.  But then what would I say to everyone?  Oh I almost made it to the top?  I was half way up already but I was out of time so now I decide I have to absolutely make it to the top and had to double time it to get there.  Huffing and puffing I make it, I wave to no one in particular, I let out a little holler and start jogging down.  I jogged as much as possible the whole way back in an effort to catch up to my fellow boot campers.  I finally caught them and sure enough the first thing out of their mouth was “did you make it to the top?”  Yes I say.  Laughing out loud and inside.  Yes I made it to the top.  Me and all of my mental gymnastics.  Boy was I tired the next day but still was chuckling about dragging my butt to the top.  

Note to self…become more familiar with new mountain bikes before heading down steep terrain for the first time in years.  Do yourself a favor and remember which is the rear brake and which is the front brake.  It will prevent you from doing a 360 over the front handle bars off the side of the trail down the slope of the mountain on an $1800.00 demo bike.  LOL!


Lunges with weights and then pushups was tough.  I think Randy called them 50-50’s?  50% of it was tough and the other 50% was tougher. 

Start to focus on camp goals and get a little nervous.  Only two weeks to go.  Where did the time go?  They warn you it is going to go fast but boy it really did.

Definitely feel my body changing. It is actually firming up.  It is an awesome feeling.  I couldn’t sign up for the next 6 weeks fast enough.  LOL!

Long Canyon trail run was awesome.  The three mile loop was a perfect challenge for my fitness level.  I loved that trail.
Note to self, just because the entire camp works out together (4th of July) it doesn’t mean Randy and Sarita lose their focus and execute a simple class that perhaps, maybe might be easy…   Quite the contrary.  We worked out hard on the 4th of July.  It was very patriotic and fun though so I was happy with it.


Oh my god it is the last week.  Did I do enough?  Have I worked hard enough to get the real results?  Panic…panic….panic….
Learned the crab walk today.  6 weeks in and still we are doing new exercises.  You have to love that, however, I did not love the crab walk.  It loved my buttocks but my buttocks did not love it.  Ouuuucchhhhhhh.   Put a band around my ankles and do what?  Uphill?  I have to say I was a little crabby after that one.  (just for 10 seconds).

Ran the Reagan Library driveway.  On the way down I kept thinking there is no way I am going to make it back up before class is over.  I finally started back uphill and surprise, surprise I went up that thing like butter.  I realized how much I benefited from all the trail running we have been doing.  Being able to dig my shoes into concrete while going uphill was a pleasure compared to slippery trail hills.  I cranked it.  Yes!

Had my first light boot camp workout.  Okay it was the day before graduation and we were saving ourselves for the testing in the morning but still it was such a treat to spend time really focused on proper stretching.  It will be another 6 weeks before I have another light boot camp session.  That’s okay.  I am ready now.

Find yourself driving around with a slight attitude…You lookin at me?  Don’t mess with me.  I’m in boot camp now and I can throw down.  LOL!   What is that about?

Graduation Day.  Wow.  Write my last notes in my Food Journal at 5:15a.m. and they are:  “I did it”.  I start heading into the B.T.O. room with confidence and excitement.  I can’t wait to see my results.  I absolutely killed it.  I am actually still in a fog over all the inches I lost in just 6 weeks.  I can’t quite believe it.  Randy and Sarita run an outstanding, professional, focused, fun boot camp.  It couldn’t be more perfect for me and I am truly grateful.  I am looking forward to writing notes for the next tour.  I think I might be a lifer….  LOL!

Joyce had incredible results from her first boot camp.

JoyceB-A copy

Running With Goats

IMG_5496_9822I’m not sure about a lot of things but there is one thing I know gives me the thrill of happiness that is close to seeing my kids smile…running with goats (specifically Clover, Twix and Gisele).

I have been so lucky to have stumbled into this experience.

I want to give some internet real estate (shout out) to an amazing woman and friend: Deresa!

My friend Deresa has a barnyard of animals.  She is a retired LA Fire Fighter (one of the FIRST women in LAFD) with a knack for the animal kingdom.

She has rescued many animals, raises and care for them.  Dogs, cats, chicken, rooster, turkey, tortoise and rabbits.  Recently she added 3 goats to her crew.

Ghilley is running with us today as well as Bebe and Kona my chocolate lab.

When I met her she was still actively working with Disaster Search.

Not Rescue (she pointed out because I often included ‘rescue’ in my description of what she does),   “If I’m looking for you, you aren’t alive.”   Her dogs have been off the CHARTS amazing on all trail running we’ve done together.  Check out this video:

Gentlemen!  She’s single and a firecracker of a gal.  You’ll have to meet me (and all of her friends) to be approved we love her so much!!

Back to goat running…again…just writing it reminds me how much I love it.

These three goats stay with the front runner most of the time.  They stick together as well.

They make little excited sheep bleeps and I think they’re having as much fun as I am.

Deresa will have the most fit goats on earth hanging around all of us, I’m positive.

If you are having a down moment in life, I highly suggest you find a friend with goats and take them on a trail run!

Goodbye, Margaritaville

I gained 10 lbs between January 2015 and December 2015.


If there’s one drink I seem to love (too much on our vacation!) it is the margarita.

My favorite is not sweet really.  It’s puckery and refreshing.

A friend gave me a clue on how to make one – called a Perfect Margarita – which has Cointreau, fresh juices of lime, lemon and orange and, oh yeah, TEQUILA.

That was about a year ago.  OK, maybe TWO years ago.

She was a bartender and I’m betting she was well tipped.

I have since turned into somewhat of a connoisseur (read snob) on what I like the best. I even recognize the names of tequila and which one is my favorite.

I ALSO researched how to make my own tequila because it was so dang expensive I figured I could save on family finances by making my own little still.  Randy watches the Moonshiner show often so it helps when you see how simple it is.

For the record, it’s NOT that simple at all plus you cannot even call it tequila (according to Mexican law) if it isn’t produced in a small part of Mexico called Jalisco.  If my memory of my father’s side of the family is correct I’ve got roots there.

It’s a plant called BLUE AGAVE.   Surprise!!  (it was for me anyway)

Now onto why I’m saying GOODBYE to my most favorite drink.

I’ve been tasting margarita’s EVERY day on my vacation so far.  Mostly out dining.  I should have kept track of where and the type I ordered and if I liked it or not just for kicks.

Real quickly I can remember the Patron Margarita at Chili’s was pretty dang good.

The problem with dining out is, THE FOOD IS AWFUL.

I’ve gone from preparing our meals every day (except breakfast) to dining out for Lunch and Dinner almost every day.

Randy’s been dropping hints about his 2016 Jan plan.  “I’m going to eat RAW for 30 days.” He must have mentioned it 30 times since Thanksgiving.  I didn’t reply with much other than, “that’s great”.

I figured he NEEDS me to do the challenge because that guarantees a good raw meal prepared by me most of the time…I’m the cook in the house.

I’m vegan (99%) as well and love the flavor of all of the vegan creations I make at home.  Most dining out places are too saucy, heavy, salty, sweet…I like to control what goes into the meal more and use spices.

I recently ordered a new (to me) spice called VINDALOO.  Can’t wait to make something with it.

Yesterday Randy basically “closed” me to join him on the challenge. UNPROCESSED FOODS.

Now with my husband it is important to clarify what things actually MEAN to him.  I suggested he look over already-established menu/diet plans rather than try to come up with something that he has to create every single day.

That left two options on the table:  Tosca Reno’s Eat-Clean Diet or Chef AJ’s Unprocessed Diet.

We looked over the recipe ideas in each book.

Chef AJ’s Unprocessed Diet is the WINNER.

The planning has already begun.  We should poltergeist the kitchen actually.  (Note to self: he’s out on a run, get that done while he’s gone).

Starting Jan 1st we’re ON and we’re jazzed up about it too.

A Blog was created for it:

Screeching tire sound…


We already had our coffee and breakfast.

Randy: 2 large cups of black coffee. Breakfast burrito: 3 eggs, half avocado, potato
Sarita: 1 cup of coffee with coconut creamer. Corn flakes, fresh blueberries, 1/4cup granola and 2T dried cranberries in almond milk.

Lunch:  I threw together a vegetable stew and some funky corn bread. It was delicious (and warm).  We’re anticipating RAIN and soup always goes well with rain.

We will be adding a WEIGHT LIFTING DAILY ROUTINE to our Unprocessed Challenge as well.    Even a little is better than none, I guess.  Our lives are so busy I don’t know how we will actually make this happen.  Oh, and I’m walking/running and he’s running in preparation for a big race in May (Miwok 100).

I realized for me the big changes are going to be the eliminations:  coffee and alcohol.

But I’ll keep my 10 lb weight gain fresh in my mind and hopefully it will help.

We gather our stats (body fat, BMI) later today.

I think we’re going to do BEFORE photos.  No, those will NOT be posted!


Dogs Detecting Cancers

Family of Sarita and Adelita - 2_0054My little sister is a Dog Whisperer (read: trainer).  She’s always had a soft spot since before I can remember as a kid.

She told me about this concept at the end of 2014, having been connected through someone in the Los Angeles Area that is specializing in cancer detection through k9 noses.

Pretty special. And so is my sister.

Dogs detecting cancer – amazing video here.

UPDATE:  she will be training dogs on this!

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